County to deal with troublesome business

Council passes motion on road ban to put a stop to area business hauling in more items

A business that has been the subject of numerous public complaints over the years is finally having action taken against them.

At Ponoka County council’s regular meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 9, they were informed through a letter from the Alberta Recycling Management Authority (ARMA) that the Cutting Edge Recycling facility located near Rimbey has had their program registration suspended and that they will no longer be allowed to participate in the tire recycling program. The letter also indicated the company will not receive any more payments through the program.

County chief administrative officer Charlie Cutforth informed council that once he received this letter on that he immediately contacted the ARMA over the fears that the large piles of tires at the facility would remain there.

“However, they were able to allay those fears, stating they have held back money to be able to deal with the tires that are there and they have a home for all of the small ones, and that they are optimistic they will soon find a home for the large industrial ones as well. That was a huge relief,” he explained to council.

While the ARMA have had their provincial order to cease operations issued, Cutforth suggested to council that he be allowed to approach their lawyer in order to have a stop order issued by the county to ensure all bases are covered. He added the county, once it got the letter dated Jan. 29, put a road ban in place that leads to the facility to make certain no more tires could be delivered there.

“It’s the best we can do for now,” Cutforth stated.

Airport agreement

Council approved the inter-municipal agreement with the Town of Ponoka regarding the airport development plan. Cutforth recommended signing the deal as money the county is expected to provide for the term of the agreement isn’t outrageous considering the amount is estimated to only be slightly more than has been given in the past few years.

“The potential is there for some large improvements to be made,” stated councillor Mark Matejka, the county’s representative on the airport board.

Fire bylaw/policies

First and second reading of a new fire protection services bylaw for the county were passed. The new bylaw is focused on the establishment of a county-wide regional service model and institutes a revamped fee structure for everything from charges for calls for service to the honorariums paid to volunteers.

Third and final reading of the bylaw won’t take place until April 26, since the county is under the current fire protection agreement with the Town of Ponoka until April 30 and the new bylaw would conflict with several terms of that agreement.