Engineers receive tenders for North Bridge and road realignment

Ponoka's North Bridge and road realignment project expected to cost more than estimated.

Tenders for the North Bridge replacement and road realignment project were opened in an open public meeting Thursday, July 30 with total numbers showing the project as a whole will cost more than originally estimated.

The nine envelopes containing bids focusing exclusively on the reconstruction of the bridge, as opened by Lex3 consultant Trevor Baragar. There were amendments to most of the original proposals, which dropped the tender down to varying degrees.

The figures below show the new total cost estimates for the bridge reconstruction portion of the project as submitted by the companies:

• EllisDon: $2,717,440.24

• Volker Stevin: $2,377,000

• Innovative Civil Constructors: $2,814,250

• Carmacks Enterprises: $3,096,631

• Surespan: proposal withdrawn

• Alberco: $2,523,910

• Ironclad Earthworks: $2,875,000

• OHL Construction Canada: $3,363,000

• Formula Construction: $2,879,505

There were six bids for the road realignment portion of the project and all were submitted without amendments to the original concept.  The bids for the road realignment were disclosed by Jim Duckworth of Tagish Engineering:

• Border Paving: $2,707,404.32

• EllisDon: $2,703,651.28

• Galloway Construction Group: $4,145,351.02

• TBL Construction: $2,819,467.62

• Inline Contracting: $2,650,693.82

• DB Bobcat Services: $2,966,980.91

At this point Duckworth and Baragar will review the proposals in detail with final information expected to be presented to the council at its Tuesday, Aug. 11 meeting at 4:30 p.m.