Eddy “Fast Eddy” Dostaler runs through Ponoka Tuesday

Eddy “Fast Eddy” Dostaler runs through Ponoka Tuesday

“Fast Eddy” running across Canada, twice

Eddy “Fast Eddy” Dostaler has made it a priority to raise funds for Alzheimer’s disease and breast cancer.

Running a marathon and a half a day is Eddy “Fast Eddy” Dostaler, who has made it a priority to raise funds and awareness for Alzheimer’s disease and breast cancer.

Dostaler ran through Ponoka Tuesday, April 13 wearing his signature pink shirt and pushing a cart weighing over 100 pounds. He took some time to speak with Ponoka News about his goals before heading off on his way to Red Deer.

The intention was originally to travel across the country to raise further awareness of Alzheimer’s, but running across the country is something Dostaler realized is not a new idea. He wants to make an impact and was inspired by his professor, Dr. Tom Owen, at Thompson Rivers University, in B.C. who wanted Dostaler to do something to benefit breast cancer.

“He always advocated breast cancer,” said Dostaler.

Thompson died of health complications and when Dostaler found out about his passing, he decided to honour the late professor’s suggestion and added cancer awareness to Alzheimer’s and is now running for both, which is how the “There and Back” campaign started, a campaign to run across Canada twice.

The first across-the-nation run started March 1 in Victoria, B.C. and Dostaler said he prefers to run at night as it is cooler and he gets to enjoy the landscape around him during the day. Since he is running by himself, Dostaler gets some help with website updates and requests for donations, but being on the road is also being at his office.

While running, he will update Facebook or Twitter as well to keep people updated. “It’s something I promised people,” said Dostaler about his goals.

What does he do to keep focused on the task? “Music. I listen to everything.”

Dostaler listens to a wide variety of music while running but he also listens to motivational talks and quotes. He says this helps him stay focussed. When the wind and rain comes down, Dostaler says he will put on his music to help him push forward.

He added that support received so far is an inspiration for him and he uses that to keep on moving.

“I was raised in life where all you had was your name and your word. I gave my word that I will do my best and that’s what I’m going to do,” he added.

To keep up with Dostaler’s location and to donate, check the website at www.fasteddycanada.com. He has already garnered interest from photographers, schools, towns and other runners. “I’m trying to make this as big as possible,” he said.

Some people have taken time to run along with him and Dostaler said he intends to do a specific 24-hour run in each province to raise further awareness. He runs approximately 65 kilometres a day.