Government of Alberta announces Canadian Armed Forces job protection policy

  • Feb. 17, 2009 2:00 p.m.

Members of the Canadian military risk their lives to protect the freedom of ours each and every day. Besides having to leave family and friends upon international deployment, or to come to the rescue of people and areas devastated by natural disasters, many reservists are required to leave their civilian jobs. According to, the government of Alberta believes those who defend our security should have job security upon return of their terms so they can continue to support themselves and their families.

In order to ensure Alberta reservists are protected under the Employment Standard Code, in its throne speech held on Feb. 10, the Stelmach government proudly announced the official introduction of job protection for the 2,500 reservists who serve in the Canadian Armed Forces. Reservists will be reinstated into the position, or a comparable position, he or she held prior to the leave.

“We value the contributions these brave people make,” said Premier Ed Stelmach when introducing the bill in the Legislature. “It is only fair that they have their jobs to return to when their service to Canada is complete.”

The Alberta Chambers of Commerce supported by 124 chambers of commerce representing 22,000 Alberta businesses (ACC) issued a press release stating it’s pleased the Alberta government has recognized job security for these brave young men and women as well. As outlined in their media advisory, in May of 2008 ACC adopted an Edmonton Chamber developed policy asking Alberta to provide reservists with job, benefits and seniority protection when they take leaves of absence to serve. The policy acknowledges the estimated 40 per cent of reservists who have full-time civilian employment can face challenges balancing a career in combination with Reserve Force activity.

“Reservists provide valuable service while gaining experience that can be employed by businesses when they return. Legislation appropriately balancing the interest of business and reservists is not only good policy- it is the right thing to do,” said ACC Chair Jack Grant in the release.

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