Gravel and chip coating approved for Arbour Park Road

Applying a gravel basecoat and then chip sealing one and a half mile of the Arbour Park Road was approved by Ponoka County council.

By David Thielen

Applying a gravel basecoat and then chip sealing one and a half mile of the Arbour Park Road was approved at the July 21, regular meeting of Ponoka Council.

“We have chip sealed just about every road in the area except this one,” said Charlie Cutforth, Chief Administrative Officer for the County of Ponoka.

“With the road bans, that is forcing a lot of the industrial traffic down this road,” he said.

There are seven acreages along that one and half mile stretch, and the base is already capable of supporting the chip seal.

Chip sealing is a method of dust control on gravel roads.

“The big cost will be for the gravel base, but once it is completed, it will last for a couple of years, and there is enough money in the budget,” said Cutforth.

Once the road is chip sealed, it will also be subject to a ban, with mainly local operators being able to get a permit.

County briefs: New policy to support athletes

A funding request from Carmen Lomas for $1000 to help defray costs of her attending the Canadian National Ladies Fastball U18 tournament in Montreal from August 2 to August 8, 2015 was approved.

Council also approved $1,000 for Isatu Fofanah to assist in her bid to compete in the track and field events at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

In approving the two applications for funding, the council concluded at the end of their discussion their newly adopted policy to be to approve such funding if it was for national level athletes.


Council approved reducing their rezoning fee from $600 to $400. Chief Administrative Officer Charlie Cutforth explained to council that there is an advertising requirement for rezoning applications, and the $600 was intended to set off those costs. “In looking at our actual advertising costs, they are closer to $300 to $400,” said Cutforth, recommending reduction of the application fee to more closely reflect the advertising costs.


Council approved the purchase of a backhoe for use at the waste transfer station. Chief Administrative Officer Charlie Cutforth, explained to council that with changes that have been made to the transfer station that the skid steer that they presently use, was no longer capable of doing the job. The skid steer will be sent to the Rimbey Waste Transfer Station.