The Gull Lake North Citizens on Patrol will be holding their 19th Annual Community Garage Sale May 27 at Les Johnson’s Farm on Parkland Beach. (Photos contributed by Laurence Rooney)

Gull Lake North Citizens on Patrol hold 19th annual community yard sale

On May 27, the 19th annual Citizens on Patrol yard sale will be taking place at Les Johnson’s Farm on Parkland Beach.

Held by Gull Lake North Citizens on Patrol (GLNCOP), this year’s event will look a little bit different.

“We would like to involve the community a little more,” said Ted Jamieson, one of the members of the committee.

Individuals are welcome to hold their own mini yard sale with the GLNCOP, and can rent a table from them. They can then bring their own items they have for sale and set up their own table.

Those individuals will be required to pay GLNCOP $20 per table or vehicle space for tailgate sales, which will get them advertising, indoor table space, refreshments for sale, parking and a fun community atmosphere.

“It’s just a place for them to take advantage of our past sales, the people that come to it, and to join in the festivities,” said Jamieson.

The sale will take place from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. For those interested in donating items, they can do so by bringing them to the sale location at Les Johnson’s Farm on May 25 and 26 between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. Items are no longer being picked up.

“It just got to a point where we’re getting older and it’s just not so easy to carry everything … We just thought it would be nice to do it that way,” said Jamieson about having the items dropped off instead.

People are asked not to donate clothing, fridges, stoves, mattresses, cribs car seats, old-style televisions, computers or related items, helmets or life jackets. Items may be declined if not suitable for the sale.

Those who have questions are asked to call 403-843-6264. New members are always welcome to join the group and can email