Brad and Amanda Kelly are in the finishing stages of of construction of their log home

Brad and Amanda Kelly are in the finishing stages of of construction of their log home

Homeowners prepare for Timber Kings Ponoka episode

Local residents will have to wait a while to see Ponoka home on the show

Many Ponoka residents eagerly await HGTV’s Timber Kings third season episode that will feature Brad and Amanda Kelly’s log home recently built east of town.

Pioneer Log Homes was tasked with building Kellys’ dream home and they brought with them the popular HGTV show Timber Kings to showcase the exciting event. Construction framework was completed in September with camera crews and construction crews on site.

For Mr. Kelly, building the home and having the television crew on site brought so many lasting memories that it is tough to round up one specific event that stands apart from the others.

After some contemplation, there was one thing that stood out: the craftsmanship of the home. He and Mrs. Kelly were able to pick out some of their own logs at Williams Lake, B.C. and see an idea of how the building would look. It wasn’t until the project elements were assembled in Ponoka that it really took shape.

“Those pictures never did do it justice and then all of a sudden you’ve got these huge 30 foot logs,” said Mr. Kelly.

Being part of the television show took some getting used to. Mr. Kelly had to wear a mic when on site and camera crews were always ready to capture fun comments or actions on the Kelly’s part. “Everybody had a great time we had a mechanical bull on the last night.”

Support has been encouraging and Mr. Kelly said residents have been keeping up with the project to see when it is complete. He is most excited about being able to complete the building of this dream home.

His hope is to have the finishing work done by June.

For Pioneer Homes and Timber Kings, the project was a joy as are all the log homes they construct, says master craftsman André Chevigny. He said one of the biggest challenges was bringing the pieces to Ponoka on time for the build. Once there though, the company was able to do what it does best: build log homes.

Chevigny said the crew at Pioneer Log Homes take great pride in their work and no matter the kind of building, the same effort is put in when creating them. Kellys’ home is no different. Chevigny said thousands of man hours and more than 1,000 pieces went into the 8,000 square-foot building.

While Timber Kings has given them more attention, Pioneer Log Homes has always been in the limelight for its “beautiful, radical, epic homes,” says Chevigny.

Season three started Jan. 10 with the Kelly’s home expected to be aired towards the end of February although dates could change.