Lentz retires from Catholic school board

After nine years as a trustee for the STAR Catholic School Division, Maria Lentz is retiring and looking forward to future endeavors.

After nine years as a trustee for the STAR Catholic School Division, Maria Lentz is retiring and looking forward to future endeavors.

Lentz holds the responsibilities of a trustee in high esteem and doesn’t want her other pursuits to detract from those duties.

“My husband and I would like to do a little more travelling,” said Lentz. She feels if she were away from the board, travelling for extended periods of time, Skyping into the meeting, as she’s done in the past, wouldn’t suffice.

Lentz wants to visit sunny destinations, especially Hawaii, during the summer months and re-visit Ireland; where much of her family came from and her grandparents are buried.

With an interest in genealogy, she feels being able to see the places mentioned in her family’s history would be a wonderful experience.

“Another thing I contemplated, this next term is four years and that’s a big commitment.”

Lentz thought over her choice during the past year, struggling with the tough decision. “I went back and forth for several months.”

With the school board running like a positive, well-oiled machine, and student enrolment continuing to increase within the division, there were no negative feelings that went into Lenz’s decision. “Not that it isn’t a wonderful position but just for me, I looked at things I wanted to do.”

Lentz was also a representative on the Alberta School Board Association for nine years and the friendships she made during that time will be deeply missed. “Boy, that was really enjoyable. You’d go and get all these different aspects . . . It was just a wealth of information and exchange.”

“And of course I’ll miss the people on my own board,” she added.

During her time as a trustee, Lentz learned many lessons she plans on taking with her. “I learned you have to look at the big picture and you have to look at the whole division. I learned you really, really have to think about what you’re doing.”

Lentz taught for 30 years and plans to begin subbing. “I miss the children, I miss the school atmosphere, I miss the classrooms.”

Though Lentz is retiring she doesn’t plan to relax. Between travels and teaching she’ll keep up volunteer work in the community and remain an advocate for student success.

“Thank you to all the parents, students and staff of St. Augustine’s who made my job as a trustee so pleasant.” Lentz also wants to thank Ponoka News for publishing her monthly trustee article and those who read them, and a thanks to the Wolf Creek Public School board of trustee for the continuing co-operation between the two boards to ensure the success of students across the divisions.