Liberal party throws support behind Doug Hart

Lacombe-Ponoka Liberal party supports NDP candidate Doug Hart.

Lacombe-Ponoka Constituency Association of Alberta Liberal party has announced that they would not be fielding a candidate in the riding in the May 5 provincial election and would instead support the NDP candidate Doug Hart “to give a strong option to voters.”

Outgoing constituency president Vern Dick told Ponoka News they had searched for a candidate to represent the Liberal Party in the provincial election, but that they could not find somebody to muster enough support.

“Prentice called the election at a time when Wildrose and Liberals were not prepared,” said Dick.

As a result, when the Liberal Party was not able to field a candidate in the riding, the constituency association consulted the Liberal Party provincial leadership and asked for advice.

“They are aware that there was not enough support for a Liberal Party candidate and they told us to make our own decision as the constituency association,” Dick added.

He said their choice was to support Hart’s candidacy in order to enhance his chances of winning.