Lift station flood proofing project approved by council

With flooding a big concern in Alberta, the Town of Ponoka is flood-proofing a lift station along the Battle River.

With flooding a big concern in Alberta, the Town of Ponoka is flood-proofing a lift station along the Battle River.

Councillors awarded Cat Bros. Oilfield Construction their low bid of $84,563.90 during a meeting Aug. 13.

“They estimate for a 45-day frame to complete the project,” says CAO Brad Watson.

The tender includes a 10-per-cent contingency allowance and five-percent GST. Also $17,000 is needed for engineering of the plan. The project will be paid for from grants to municipalities from the federal government.

Coun. Izak van der Westhuizen asked what sort of protection the berm would give. “Does that lift it above the 100-year flood?”

An earthen berm will be constructed to protect the lift station in the event of a 100-year flood in the Battle River, explained Watson. Approvals are also in place with the province.

“Alberta Environment were very pleased with the work that’s been done,” added Watson.

Election planning

Advance polls have been set for Oct. 9 and 16 from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. at Town Hall. Votex is the company handling the polls.

“That’s the date that the voting machines are available,” said Watson.

Those in the electorate who are unable to vote on the municipal election day Oct. 21 can use the alternate dates.

New floor scrubber for arena

A new floor scrubber has been purchased for the Ponoka Culture and Recreation Complex — on sale at $11,995 from $16,362.89.

The request came from complex operator Kelsey Hycha in an effort to deal with an increase of users at the building. Watson said the machine can do the work of three scrubbers and allows for greater efficiency.

In a letter to councillors, Hycha said the machine was tested on the rink surfaces and lobbies prior to the Ponoka Stampede.

“It can do the work faster. It will greatly reduce the manpower time and do a superior job,” said Wes Amendt, director of community services.

The older scrubber will be used at the Kinsmen Community Centre.

New gym club building discussed

As plans move forward for the Ponoka Gymnastics and Trampoline Club to construct their building in the Southwest Industrial Park, councillors are concerned over road access and services.

“What was asked from the town from the gym club?” van der Westhuizen asked.

Watson says they have only asked for permission to connect to the town’s utilities.

A power pole will have to be moved at a cost of $2,500 but the club is responsible for the move. Until construction can begin the club would prefer to use the Kinsmen Community Centre. Club president Faron Leclerc hopes to start construction next month.

Ponoka County has promised the road preparation, gravel and base, added Watson.

Town Hall building study

Watson has asked architectural firm Stevens Kozak ACI to study the benefit of upgrading Town Hall. The firm recently conducted a study on the current detachment and presented their findings to council. “Is this building viable to renovate or add on to?” Watson asked.

The cost will be approximately $10,000, similar to the RCMP building study. Coun. Rick Bonnett asked if the cost is worth the effort for the building.

“I don’t know if I’d spend the $10,000 on finding out why you need to rip this building down,” he stated.

At some point the town would have to determine these costs when planning a new civic building, offered Betty Quinlan, director of corporate services.


Town financial statements were presented to councillors after tabling the information item until Quinlan could explain the numbers.

Much of the details presented recently in Ponoka News were addressed but Mayor Larry Henkelman also wanted a way to ensure Ponoka County was going to help with upgrades to Forest Home Cemetery.

He was concerned the promise would change with the election of a new council. “We haven’t seen anything in writing.”

Watson believes the county has allowed for the expense.

“I think it’s in their budget,” he said.

He did say he would contact the county for confirmation in writing that the funds would be coming.

Ponoka County CAO Charlie Cutforth told county councillors Aug. 12 they have budgeted for the project.