Man bear sprayed after confronting suspects

A Ponoka man was bear sprayed after taking pictures of suspects on his property.

  • May. 4, 2016 8:00 a.m.

A Ponoka man was bear sprayed after taking pictures of suspects on his property.

Police were called to a rural home after a sensor warned the homeowner of movement in his yard, Saturday, April 23. The incident occurred at approximately 4 a.m. and as the homeowner went outside to take a photo with his camera a male suspect approached him looking for fuel.

Upon seeing the camera the suspect returned to his car at a quick pace, say police. The homeowner took photos of the suspect, who subsequently used the bear spray on him. Police say the vehicle sped off at a high rate of speed and was later found abandoned on Range Road 254.

Suspicious drone

Police are looking into complaints of people using a drone with video camera to check out rural properties. One incident occurred on April 19 on Range Road 260. Witnesses say a white four-door Pontiac, with the right rear door a different colour, was seen in the area and at also a second home.

Suspects refuse to stop for police

Owners of a gravel quarry notified police of a suspicious pickup recently.

Police say there have been issues of fuel theft recently and when the complainant saw a slip tank on the pickup truck, police were called. Two civilian vehicles followed the pickup truck and when police caught up to the pickup, they turned on their emergency lights.

It quickly became clear that the driver was not going to stop and the chase was subsequently terminated in the interest of public safety.

Homeowner charged with assault

It is unclear why a homeowner decided to throw a Direct Energy employee to the ground breaking his phone and iPad but the decision landed him a charge of assault.

Police say the Direct Energy employee was conducting business and when the woman who answered the door said she was not interested and the employee walked away. Police say the employee was leaving the property when the homeowner threw him to the ground and broke the equipment.

Reports of coyotes in the area

Fish and Wildlife officers are investigating a case of a woman and her dog being chased by coyotes April 26.

Police say the coyotes chased the woman to her car and appeared desperate although she was able to escape uninjured.

Driver knocks out street light

Police are investigating an incident where a male driver knocked over a street light on Chipman Avenue last week.

Witnesses say they saw the pickup back up and then the vehicle sped up and knocked out a street light. It is believed the man lost control of the accelerator. No one was hurt in the incident.