Man receives jail time after evading police

Motorist lands jail time and extended driving prohibition in provincial court.

Trying to evade police while under a Canada-wide driving prohibition landed a motorist a jail time of two years and an extension to that driving prohibition.

Jarrett Beauregard appeared before in Ponoka provincial court via CCTV Friday, Sept. 18, pleading guilty to evading police several weeks ago.

Crown prosecutor Steve Degen told the court that police responded to a gas and dash after Beauregard paid $100 of a $126 gas bill. While responding, police say Beauregard was travelling 150 km/h in a 60 km/h zone.

Degen said police saw Beauregard conduct a u-turn in front of officers and a chase ensued.

Police report that Beauregard swerved in and out of lanes and accelerated when they attempted to stop him. A spike belt was successfully deployed but the Ford pickup driven by the accused continued to drive away, where it was eventually found in a cornfield.

Several officers and police dog services were called to find Beauregard, who was found approximately 75 yards from the pickup.

The pickup Beauregard was driving was reported stolen from Calgary the night before. At the time the truck was stolen, there were two cameras and a Macbook, at the site of the theft, which were later found in a garage where Beauregard was staying.

Upon being arrested, Degen said Beauregard indicated to officers that he was on methamphetamines.

One concern for Degen was over past offenses. “He appears to have committed almost identical offenses not that long ago.”

He referred to a three year driving prohibition that Beauregard is on from the January incident. Degen recommended two years and one day of custody and suggested a five-year driving prohibition, concurrent with the three year prohibition, be added to the sentence.

Defense counsel David Paull said Beauregard knows he has issues and suggested some provincial time is needed to deal with them. “He knows this is a problem. He’d like this to stop.”

He feels time served will give Beauregard an opportunity to sort out his issues.


Judge James Glass said Beauregard’s prohibition starts after he completes jail time and suggested the man stay away from driving. “Don’t drive until you get your licence from the province.”