Traffic flow in Millet will be soon changing. (File photo)

Traffic flow in Millet will be soon changing. (File photo)

Millet council signs traffic light-construction agreement with province

The flow of traffic on Highway 2A through Millet will be changing within the next year.

After working with Alberta Transportation and Economic Corridors and other developers, an agreement was laid out between the town and the province for a new set of lights to be constructed at the intersection of Highway 2A and Highway 616.

“The Transportation Master Plan which was completed in early 2023 identified the need for lights at this intersection,” said town chief administrative officer (CAO) Lisa Schoening.

According to Schoening, town engineers met with representatives from the province to discuss the issue and figure out how to best cost share the project.

During the discussions, it was identified that three of the four roads connecting to the intersection are under the jurisdiction of the province and as such the cost sharing was negotiated to have the province pay for 75 per cent of the project, with the town funding the remainder.

Council agreed to sign the final agreement during the March 15 council meeting.

With the agreement signed, the town’s engineers are working on construction drawings to go with a tender package which will then be shared to the Alberta Purchasing Network.

The plan is to have the lights in place and construction complete by March 31, 2024.

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