New immigrant gets heavy fine for intoxicated driving

Niall Mullen, 23, a new immigrant to Canada, was sentenced to a one-year driving prohibition and a $2,000 fine after being found driving

Niall Mullen, 23, a new immigrant to Canada, was sentenced to a one-year driving prohibition and a $2,000 fine after being found driving in an impaired state and providing two .24 blood alcohol samples to RCMP.

On Friday, Nov. 21, an RCMP member on patrol observed a motor vehicle in front of the cruiser swerving from one side of the road — in town — to the other.

During the traffic stop, the vehicle pulled off to the opposite side of the road and Mullen’s functions were so impaired he had difficulty rolling down the window and unlocking the door.

Mullen has no criminal record in Canada, where he has been living for the last month after leaving Ireland. The sentencing date was Mullen’s first appearance in court and he pled guilty, which the defense counsel asked the court to take into account.

“You’re extremely fortunate no one was hurt by your bad decision,” said Judge J. Glass.

Following the incident, Mullen’s passport was possessed, however there is an endorsement regarding its return.

Impaired driver

After being arrested for the impaired operation of a motor vehicle, Christopher Raugust, 27, was sentenced to a one-year driving prohibition and a $1,200 fine.

During a patrol in a marked police car on Thursday Oct. 16, a sheriff noticed a red Dodge Ram stopped at a red light without break lights.

During the routine traffic stop, the odor of liquor was noticed on Raugust’s breath and the RCMP were notified.

Raugust admitted to having three drinks and was taken to the Ponoka detachment, where he provided breath samples at 0.16 and 0.15.

Raugust has no previous criminal record.

Driver with GDL gets three year probation

Darrel Stock has been sentenced to a three-year driving prohibition after being caught operating motor vehicle over the legal limit.

On Saturday, Oct. 11 Stock’s vehicle was stopped along Highway 2, near Secondary Highway 611 after his erratic driving prompted a report alerting authorities.

Due to his possession of only a graduated drivers license, Stock was detained in the sheriff’s vehicle before being transported to the Maskwacis detachment, where he provided a.13 blood alcohol sample.

A trial was also set for May 8, 2015 to include Stock’s other offenses.

Intoxicated woman fined for slashing tires

A Ponoka woman has been sentenced to a pay a modest fine after being charged with, and pleading guilty to, mischief.

On Monday, Nov. 24 Ponoka RCMP responded to a domestic incident involving Sherry Witwicki.

It was told in court that she and her male companion had spent the evening drinking. However, things soured after she went through his phone and accused him of cheating, despite not being in a relationship.

The man briefly left the residence to return and find Witwicki had slashed his tires; a neighbor witnessed the act.

RCMP arrested Witwicki and discovered she was wanted out of Edmonton on four counts. She has been in custody since the date of the offence.

Defense counsel asked the court to take into account time already served and she was handed a $150 fine.