New Mountie in the saddle with RCMP

  • Jan. 19, 2011 5:00 a.m.
New Staff Sgt. Cameron Chisholm in front of the Ponoka RCMP detachment.

New Staff Sgt. Cameron Chisholm in front of the Ponoka RCMP detachment.


The Ponoka RCMP welcomed a new member to town this month. Staff Sgt. Cameron Chisholm will take over duties and will continue to build on the work done by Sgt. Glenn DeMaere. The Ponoka News got a chance to sit down with Staff Sgt. Chisholm and here is some of that interview.

Ponoka News: I guess first of all, where have you been stationed during your time with the RCMP?

Staff Sgt. Chisholm: I have been stationed all across Canada. One of the nice things about being with the RCMP is you get to see a lot of beautiful places.

– Stony Plain Detachment (General Duty and Highway Patrol)

– Edmonton HQ (Programmer/Analyst)

– Ottawa (Computer Crime)

– Oyen, AB (General Duty)

– Langley, BC (Forensic Identification Section)

– The Pas, MB (Forensic Identification/General Duty)

– St. Paul, AB (General Duty)

– Two Hills, AB (General Duty Detachment Commander)

– Edmonton (Community Policing)

PN: What did you do prior to joining the RCMP?

Chisholm: I went to Simon Fraser University and completed a degree. I then worked as a computer programmer/analyst for about one year before joining the RCMP.

PN: What made you choose a career in law enforcement?

Chisholm: After working for a year following university, I met some members of the RCMP at a gym who introduced me to the RCMP. Prior to that, I had not thought about becoming a policeman. The history of the RCMP, diversity of duties and challenges faced in policing drew me to the organization.

PN: What are the best and worst parts about being a police officer?

Chisholm: The best part of the job is working and dealing with a lot of good people who want to make their community safer. The worst is seeing the tragedy that victims and their families experience.

PN: What are your first impressions of Ponoka?

Chisholm: I first noticed how warm and welcoming the people are in town, it was very positive.

PN: What is one thing you would like to bring from your last duty to the town of Ponoka?

Chisholm: Working in community policing for the last four years, I realized the value of partnerships between the police and public. I would like to improve on existing partnerships and create new ones to enhance the safety with the community.

PN: What advice do you have for people interested in the RCMP?

Chisholm: Our recruiting messaging states, the RCMP is a “career nowhere near the ordinary.” That is absolutely correct, the RCMP is not a job; it’s a career. The RCMP offers interesting and challenging work and every day is generally different. As with any career, being well informed about what you’re getting into is recommended. Those interested can talk to any of our members or visit our website at

PN: What are some things you like to do during your free time?

Chisholm: I like to keep fit and work around the house.

PN: Do you follow any sports?

Chisholm: I follow the NHL and am an Edmonton Oilers fan followed closely by the Canucks since I grew up in the Vancouver area. I’m also a big NFL football guy.

PN: If you could have any three people over for dinner, who would they be?

Chisholm: I suppose Chef Ramsey to cook, Robin Williams to entertain and Molly Maid to clean up.

PN: What are four things you couldn’t live without if you were stranded on a desert island?

Chisholm: I would need great food and drink, great companionship and a way off the island.

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