Parental input needed to Future Ready

A little more than three weeks remain for your voice to be heard for Future Ready survey.

A little more than three weeks remain for your voice to be heard.

Last week the provincial government launched an initiative called ‘Future Ready’ that will hopefully co-ordinate and improve education as well as skills training in order to prepare kids to succeed in the this increasingly challenging economic climate.

The first step is an online survey that is part of a comprehensive review of the six core subjects in the Alberta Education curriculum for Kindergarten to Grade 12.

Wolf Creek Public Schools (WCPS) has already been involved in the review process, having held two staff sessions plus an open parent meeting this month to provide further opportunities for engagement.

“This is something that is unprecedented in all of the 24 years I’ve been involved in education in Alberta,” said WCPS superintendent Jayson Lovell.

“Their intent is that it’s clearly important that all stakeholders are invited to share their ideas and thoughts. Not one time have I seen such a broad curriculum review done like this. It’s a great opportunity for everyone to tell them what you want them to understand about what needs to change or stay the same.”

The survey is rather lengthy and is fairly specific about several issues, including the hot button topic of the new math concepts being taught around the province.

For the WCPS board, this review and potential changes are certainly welcome.

“WCPS is looking forward to the upcoming curriculum changes. The current curriculum ranges in age from eight to 30 years old. To ensure student success, we need our curriculum to be relevant, meaningful and engaging for all students,” said trustee board chair Lorrie Jess.

“I would encourage everyone including boards, parent councils and communities to respond and participate in the survey and make their views and opinions known.”

The survey is available by heading to the WCPS website ( and clicking on the link provided or by going to The deadline for participating in Nov. 28 and it is available in both French and English.

Alberta Education minister David Eggen has stated any curriculum changes will be implemented over six years.