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Poll: Ponoka residents prefer weekly garbage collections

The most recent Ponoka News web poll shows residents want to see some changes to garbage collection

Ponoka News readers feel strongly about garbage collection.

Our most recent question: What would you like to see changed in Ponoka’s waste management program? brought 191 votes related to waste and recycling collection in town. In an effort to hear from residents the poll was left open to allow for more than one response and the one that drew the most votes related to weekly collection of garbage in the summer months.

Here is a breakdown of the questions with results:

• Weekly summer collection: 57 votes - 29.84 per cent

• Bi-weekly collection works well: 26 - 13.61 per cent

• Recycling container rather than bags: 48 - 25.13 per cent

• Using bags works well: 13 - 6.81 per cent

• Bi-weekly summer yard waste collection: Three - 1.57 per cent

• Weekly summer yard waste collections works well: 20 - 10.47 per cent

• The town should do its own program: Three - 1.57 per cent

• Other: 21 - 10.99 per cent (this question allowed users to provide their own suggestions). Of those suggestions there were several asking for weekly garbage collection year round and others asking for a compost program.

Within the comments and discussion on Ponoka News’ Facebook page, readers were clear they wanted weekly collection of garbage, plus a way to move the collection system to the alleyway.

For Felicity Docken, she’d like to see a blue bin instead of bags for recycling and weekly garbage pick up.

“Once a week is not enough for households with huge families like ours, even with a second bin sometimes it’s hard depending on the month.”

“Blue bags are good every second,” she added. “And it should be moved back to the back alley service, it’s such a nuisance to have to remember to drag them to the front.”

“What about pregnant or disabled or elderly people who can’t drag these bins around?” she asked.

One of the issues the town explained to residents for street pickup, at the time of the transition, was that there’s a risk of hitting the power lines in the back alley. Yvonne De Waal acknowledged the issue, saying she’d be willing to move her bin.

“I would happily move my bin to whatever side of the alley the truck could pick it up safely. I hate the way the streets look messy is in the front of the houses on pick up day,” said De Waal.

“That said, Lacombe has big bins for recycle and garbage in their back alley, shared between four households, and their system is often abused and their back alleys look bad sometimes,” she added.

“If people do not care how their home and yard looks, it does not matter where the garbage is collected.”

Despite the larger number of votes in favour of weekly garbage collection, there are some residents who are pleased with the current system.

Lynne Mohr doesn’t see any problems. “If people do it right there’s plenty of room,” said Mohr.

“I only usually have a small amount each week after recycling is done. Way more recycling than waste,” she stated.

Gail Pugh agreed but pointed out it may be more difficult for larger households. “My container in my garage and have no problem with odour but I don’t have children and we are only two older people. Larger households probably have issues.”

The Town of Ponoka is hosting a special waste management open house set for May 10 at 7 p.m. at the Kinsmen Community Centre, plus a survey is being prepared for the Ponoka and District Chamber of Commerce trade fair this weekend.

Ponoka News’ web polls are a way to engage with readers and get a feel for what residents want and do not represent an official petition or plebiscite. Check at for more polls. Next up this week: Are you willing to pay extra for weekly garbage collections?

Editor’s note: Some comments have been edited for grammar.

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