Poll: Readers do not want to see a four way stop

We had two web polls with residents speaking on both: 4-way stop and selling unused buildings

This week’s most recent web poll showed strong passion when it comes to four-way stops.

Ponoka News asked the question: Should Ponoka have a 4-way stop at Hwy 53 and 50 Street year-round? with comments coming in strong.

Of the 227 votes, 88 (39 per cent) votes in favour of a four-way stop, while 125 (55 per cent) voted against the idea. There were two votes (one per cent) who were unsure and then another 12 votes (five per cent) who provided varying suggestions with a few of them stating lights would be ideal.

A few thought a three-way stop would work and others, on Ponoka News’ Facebook page even suggested roundabouts.

Readers were quite passionate in their answers with some having to be hidden from the news feed due to swearing. Some readers suggested a three-way stop and others added the thought that a round-about would work for that location.

The ones that generated the most discussion, however, related more on lights.

For Bernita DeLeeuw, either a three-way stop or lights for the intersection. “It is very hard and dangerous to get onto the highway.”

Countering that argument was Anthony DeLeeuw who referred to the traffic circle at 67 Street in Red Deer, stating that it’s a “nightmare.”

“I go through it multiple times everyday with a semi and trailer. There are too many people who have no clue how to go through the circle correctly and that even includes the Class 1 professional drivers,” said Deleeuw.

“Only about 10 per cent of the people use their signal lights when they enter the circle and when they exit from the circle.”

For reader and town councillor, Carla Prediger had this suggestion. “Traffic lights that are sensored.”

But for Kayla Hollihan, it was a definite “no.”

“I see any types of lights or permanent stop signs on the hill causing mega issues, when trying to leave out of town east on Highway 53 there is more than one way to go and if it’s a bad time for traffic up there, go up through Riverside and out and skip that whole mess.”

Selling unused property a ‘go’

For Ponoka News’ second web poll question, it’s clear residents agree with the idea of selling off unused property.

The sudden sale of the Kinsmen Community Centre sparked a buzz of discussion in the town and on Ponoka News’ Facebook pages. The question: Do you think the Town of Ponoka should sell off unused property? was generated to get a feel for residents’ thoughts.

Of the 70 votes, 54 (77 per cent) were in favour, while seven (10 per cent) stated ‘no’ and six (eight per cent) were unsure. Another three votes (four per cent) spoke in favour of the idea, with the clarification that the Kinsmen Centre wasn’t unused.

In an effort to clarify the poll, the Kinsmen Community Centre building photo was used as an example, however, for some readers that did cause a bit of uncertainty. The intention of using the photo was for illustrative purposes only.

Editor’s note: Some comments have been edited for grammar.

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