Ponoka County aerial photos budgeted

Updated aerial photos are being included in Ponoka County’s 2015 budget.

Updated aerial photos are being included in Ponoka County’s 2015 budget.

The process will cost approximately $4,500.

CAO Charlie Cutforth says the county has not had photos taken since 2007. “And there’s been substantial change since then.”

With improved technology, the photos will offer digital renditions of the topography of the land, which will be a benefit when it comes to planning, subdivisions and rezoning applications.

“It shows the flood potential,” Cutforth told the councillors.

The photos can also be sold to higher-level governments and oil companies. Cutforth believes that within a few years the county could make its money back.

FCM membership opportunity declined

At their Tuesday, Feb. 10 meeting county councillors elected to bypass membership to the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM).

Reeve Paul McLauchlin feels Ponoka County does not have much in common with the municipalities of eastern Canada. “I don’t think they’re elected to represent me at a federal level.”

The council also felt, with Ponoka County being a rural municipality, it did not receive as much attention as larger municipalities would; an issue it already faces in Alberta, let alone the rest of Canada.

“Its primary role is advocacy,” said Cutforth. “But isn’t that what we do with our own association, provincially?”

A membership would have cost the county $1,500.

“I can’t fathom the value of it,” said Coun. Mark Matejka.