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Ponoka Elementary School evacuated after false fire alarm

False alarm likely due to faulty detector

Students and teachers are were no worse for wear after a fire alarm sent them trudging across the field in the rain to the Ponoka Youth Centre on June 23.

The alarm went off at about 2 p.m. and as per the school’s policy in inclement weather, they evacuated to the youth centre, stated a letter to parents and guardians.

The Ponoka County Regional Fire Services was dispatched to the school and once the all clear was given, students returned to their homeroom classes.

“Please know that the students and staff were not in any imminent danger,” said principal Nathan McEntee in the letter.

According to protective services coordinator Donna Noble, there was an activation of a detector, but the fire department was unable to find the cause. As the alarm was likely due to a faulty detector, the school will be following up with their alarm company, said Noble.