Ponoka Fish and Game Association closed for the summer

Ponoka Fish and Game Association closed for the summer

Like everyone else in business, of any kind, because of COVID-19, we have had to postpone all of our programs and rentals until we can open up again. The teaching of Canadian Firearms Safety Courses are on hold, until further notice.

So far we don’t know when we can start up again. We will get the word out to everyone as soon as we get the go ahead.

It has been a very trying time for everyone but it is better to be safe than sorry. I am sure that everyone will be happy when we can jump into our vehicle and go mingle with our kids, grandkids and friends.

The Ponoka Fish and Game Association is going to take advantage of this down time to do some much needed renovations to the side addition of the clubhouse.

It’s nice to see the weather warm up and the grass start to green up. Time to start to decide what we are going to grow in the garden. I guess gardening seeds and supplies are a really popular item right now. The deer came through the yard recently to see what might be handy to nibble on. But they were disappointed when all they found here were chives and brown grass.

The geese are nesting already. The ducks are back. I saw lots of them last week and they will be nesting pretty soon.

I just talked to our president and it looks like we are closed for the whole summer. The closing can’t be helped at this time. We will let you know if anything changes.

– Submitted by Robert Greene, publicity director