Ponoka Fish and Game Association’s winter report

Robert Greene: ‘It was a good fall for hunting weather-wise.’

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By Robert Greene

Publicity Chairman

This has now been two years of COVID-19 which has put a halt to the biggest part of our programs that we do.

We did have archery during this summer as it is outdoors. Also we had some trap and some rifle shooting which is also outdoors which allowed us to abide by the COVID rules of staying far enough apart while shooting.

We are hoping for a better year in 2022. We don’t yet know if we are going to be able to hold our annual awards and fundraising banquet this coming year.

We did have horn measuring the first Sunday of December. It is is always fun to see who gets a big game winner. In case you missed the measuring, and you are interested, you still have until Dec. 31, to get your horns measured. Call Ray Abt for information.

Our membership has held up well during this difficult period and we are grateful for your support.

It was a good fall for hunting weather-wise. We have been hunting up north for over twenty years and this was only the second year in the last twenty that the crops were all harvested.

Having the harvest done was good for the farmers but not so good for the hunters. There was nothing in the fields to draw the game down out of the hills. It was also a dry year and some of the areas we hunt had no water … therefore there was no game.

We did manage to get a moose, but no elk. We only saw one live elk and she was standing in the road next to the school yard in a small town that we were going through. Some Luck! Just like farming … maybe next year.

We have club elections coming up in February. If you are a member in good standing and you would like to let your name stand for a position, the nominations are at the meetings the first Thursday of the months of December, January and February.