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Ponoka RCMP April police report

On March 28, Ponoka RCMP responded to a report of a truck on fire within Ponoka town limits. The complainant reported witnessing a male wearing all black running from the truck. Local RCMP members attended and determined that the burning truck had been reported stolen. The RCMP K9 unit was called to assist. RCMP was unable to locate the suspect.

Ponoka RCMP’s General Duty and Integrated Traffic Unit issued a total of 265 tickets and warnings under provincial traffic laws in the month of April.

The following are a few instances of provincial sanctions and traffic tickets laid in March and April:

– On March 23, Ponoka RCMP conducted an Alberta Check Stop. A GDL driver provided two breath samples that indicated alcohol was present. Subsequently the driver was issued provincial sanctions and vehicle was towed.

– On March 24, Ponoka RCMP conducted a traffic stop in the parking lot of a local grocery store where it was found that the driver of said vehicle had consumed alcohol to a point that they exceeded the legal limit. The driver was issued appropriate provincial sanctions.

– On March 28, a member of the Ponoka Integrated Traffic Unit conducted a traffic stop on Highway 2 with a motorist who received a lesson regarding speed and emergency vehicles. The driver of the vehicle was found to be travelling 159 km/hr in a 110 km/hr zone and was issued several tickets as a reminder to slow down and pull over and stop for emergency vehicles.

– On March 31, Ponoka RCMP responded to reports of a collision. It was reported that four people were seen fleeing the scene of the collision on foot. EMS and Fire/Rescue responded. Swift action by local RCMP members resulted in the apprehension of suspects including the driver, who was charged with dangerous driving.

– On April 8, Ponoka RCMP attended the Hudson’s Green Building where a suspicious vehicle was reported. Upon arrival members located the vehicle and the subsequent investigation resulted in the vehicle being towed. Impaired driving charges were laid against the driver.

– On April 11, a Ponoka RCMP member attempted a traffic stop in which the driver was indifferent to the flashing emergency lights and sirens behind them and neglected to stop. The vehicle fled, leaving the scene at a high rate of speed.

On April 3, Ponoka RCMP responded to reports of an assault. It was reported that four female suspects attacked another female, causing physical injury. RCMP investigated and identified the subject in question. The female was located appropriately. No serious injuries were reported.

On April 4, a male attended the Ponoka RCMP Detachment and requested an ambulance. Members called for one and waited with the male who stated that he had slipped and fallen on the ice, injuring his back. Members provided first aid, care, and assisted the male until paramedics arrived.

On April 5, Ponoka fire/rescue requested Police attendance to a vehicle fire. RCMP attended and found the vehicle ignition was damaged. Investigation determined that someone had stolen the vehicle and moved it a short distance before setting fire to it. This matter is still under investigation.

On April 6, a person attended a local bank riding their bicycle. Despite locking the bike prior to entering, a suspect took it upon themselves to remove said lock by force and take possession of the bike without the owner’s consent. To date the bike nor the suspect have been located.

On April 9, Ponoka RCMP were alerted by a concerned resident to the presence of some unruly teenagers. The teenagers were suspected of throwing a snowball at the complainant’s residence. Members attended. No damage to the residence was found. Extensive patrols were conducted, but police were unsuccessful in locating the suspects.

On April 10, Ponoka RCMP assisted Ponoka fire/rescue with a citizen who had an unattended/uncontrolled fire outside of a fire pit. The fire had spread throughout the yard and had damaged a corner of a residence. The property representative was issued a violation ticket.

On April 13, it was reported to Ponoka RCMP that a vehicle was taken without the owner’s consent. RCMP patrolled and were unable to locate the vehicle. Various detachments were engaged. The complainant later updated police to advise that the vehicle was returned to their residence and they no longer wanted police involvement.

On April 16, a Ponoka couple took advantage of the weather and nature’s beauty by going for a walk along a Ponoka trail. Upon returning to their vehicle, to their dismay, it was discovered that somebody else felt they needed the vehicle more than the owners and had taken it. Several days later the vehicle was recovered.

On April 18, it was reported to the Ponoka RCMP that two unknown people had driven away from the Ponoka hospital without receiving treatment. One was suspected of having wounds to their face indicative of a gunshot wound. Extensive patrols were made, but RCMP were unable to locate or identify anyone with similar injuries.

On April 24, Ponoka RCMP were called to a local restaurant where the employees were concerned for the well being of a customer. Members attended and located a person who was found to be under the influence of alcohol. Extensive efforts were made by the RCMP members to ensure the safety and well being of the customer in question.

On April 24, Ponoka RCMP received a report of attempted fraud. An advertisement was placed on Kijiji where a possible purchaser was attempting to get the seller to deposit a large cheque and return the balance, minus the cost of the item for sale. The quick-witted seller did not fall prey to this and reported the incident to the RCMP. To educate yourself on how to avoid becoming victim of fraud, visit the website for the Canadian Anti-fraud centre at www.antifraudcentre-centreantifraude.ca.

– Submitted by the Ponoka RCMP detachment

Ponoka RCMP

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