Mike Stretch

Mike Stretch

Ponoka Stampede Association

Mike Stretch, president of the Ponoka Stampede Association.

Mike Stretch, president of the Ponoka Stampede Association (left) presents the keys for a brand new Dodge Ram 1500 Hemi to Ralph and Laurel Pole, of Erskine, AB. The Poles won the truck when their ticket was drawn at the Sawyer Brown concert on opening night.

“When they called out the numbers I didn’t have my glasses on so I couldn’t read the ticket, but everybody else around me was all excited and telling me I had won, Ralph said.  “But when I started walking across the stage, what was running through my mind was that they had just been bullshitting me, and I was going to look like a fool, ” said Ralph.

The luck turned up at the most needed moment for the Poles: As they were driving to Ponoka to watch the Stampede, their truck, one of the two used in their 300 cow-calf farming operation, broke down and they had to go back to pick their other one to be able to make the trip. Now instead of a Ford-Dodge duo, they have two Dodge trucks at their farm.

Ralph Pole said that they would be putting their new truck to good use