Ponoka town council briefs


  • Jun. 22, 2011 7:00 a.m.

Ponoka Culture and Recreation Centre in need of new ice plant

Town council will re-allocate $26,000 within the Ponoka Culture and Recreation Complex budget to cover the costs of buying a new ice plant pump.

Betty Quinlan, director of corporate services, recommended $15,000 be taken from the complex garage project and $11,000 from the complex condenser project to fund new ice plant pumps and computer panel upgrading.

After the annual summer teardown of the ice plant, it was discovered that there was a piece that needed to be replaced, but the parts were so outdated that they are no longer available.

“He (complex manager Kelsey Hycha) said that the pumps are torn down and rebuilt every year,” said Quinlan. “And now the parts are unavailable.”

Quinlan said that if the ice plant pumps are not replaced by July, the ice cannot be made for the arena in time for the hockey season.

Town of Ponoka receives $13.99 rebate

As a part of Enmax’s Rinklighter rebate program, the Town of Ponoka has received a $13.99 rebate for the power used to light the outdoor arena at the Ponoka Culture and Recreation Complex.

Enmax offers rebates on electricity used to light arenas by towns and cities that own and operate outdoor rinks.

Enmax has rebated $16,000 to communities, including Ponoka.

Council has attributed the small rebate to the energy efficiency of the lights at the arena.

Town of Ponoka receives annual grant

The Town of Ponoka has received a grant of $8,000 from the Alberta Sport, Recreation, Parks and Wildlife Foundation.

“It’s the same amount that we normally get and we usually spend the same about,” said Jacobs.

In the past, the town has used just over the amount of the grant on park and trail maintenance.