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Ponoka’s fourth annual Walk ‘N’ Roll challenge has begun

Get ready to park your car, lace up your sneakers, and walk, bike or ‘roll’ your way through Ponoka this spring and summer. The Town of Ponoka’s fourth annual Walk ‘N’ Roll Challenge kicked off on Saturday, May 1.

The challenge is a great way to get outside, get active and save on gas! Participants can also win some great prizes.

How does it work?

Walk ‘N’ Roll Challenge participants are encouraged to use any form of non-motorized transportation, such as walking, biking or rollerblading, to get to their destinations whenever possible. Participants should keep track of how often they walk or ‘roll’ to their destinations by recording their ‘trips’ on the Town website at

Trips are based on reached destinations, so the ‘to’ and ‘from’ portion of each trip counts as two trips in total. A trip is not just walking or biking for exercise or recreation; the participant must be going to a destination.

Examples of a trip could include:

– Cycling to one of Ponoka’s many parks with your family;

– Walking to the spray park with your kids this summer;

– Long boarding or skate boarding to the store;

– Walking to work;

– Walking the golf course instead of using a motorized cart; or

– Walking home or to a restaurant for lunch.

“Walk ‘N’ Roll is a great opportunity to get out and enjoy all of the parks, trails and other recreation amenities that we have in Ponoka,” said Town of Ponoka recreation coordinator Andrew Jones.

“With a newly expanded trail system and many new park improvements in Ponoka over the last year, citizens can explore some of these new quality of life improvements in the community while staying active and enjoying the fresh air.”

Monthly prize draws

Recording Walk ‘N’ Roll trips on the town website also qualifies participants to win prizes. Each time a participant records trips on the website, their name will be entered into a monthly prize draw.

There will be one draw each month for trips recorded from May to August.

Citizens can register and record their Walk ‘N’ Roll trips by visiting

Simply scroll down the home page and click the link under ‘Walk ‘N’ Roll.’ Then click on ‘Register Your Trips’ and fill out your information, including the number of trips you wish to record.

The more times participants register trips on the website, the more times they will be entered into the monthly prize draw.

Questions? Please visit and click the link under ‘Walk ‘N’ Roll’ or contact the town office by phone at 403-783-4431 or by email at

– Submitted by the Town of Ponoka

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