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Ponoka’s trap shooting season starting

Ponoka Fish and Game Newsletter

The last three years have been very bad for the nonprofit clubs such as the Ponoka Fish and Game Association. A lot of the smaller clubs could not make it.

We were fortunate enough to keep our heads above water due mainly to the fact that our membership remained stable. This in spite of COVID and all else that was happening. This year we are looking forward to getting back to our regular schedule of events.

We had our annual banquet and fundraiser in February. We had a full house with lots of new and old faces. We were very happy to see everyone. Everyone that I have heard from said that they had a great time and enjoyed the delicious meal.

Trap and archery will start as soon as the weather permits, which will be soon we hope. The weather can be fickle this time of year.

We are one of the oldest conservation clubs in Alberta. Over the last several years , several clubs have helped to buy land for conservation of wildlife. They have done so, so our future generations may enjoy some of the nature and hunting that we have been privy to since we were young.

A lot of people have donated their land to Alberta Fish and Game. They donated land that they want to stay in natural condition for our future. That is a great thing for everyone.

There has been 2 million acres of land donated to the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation in the U.S. and Canada by the public. This land has been donated to keep it from being developed into subdivisions and such.

It’s land that will always be open to the public. It’s a wonderful thing for our future generations.

It looks like kids camp will be a go for this summer. Another sign that things are getting back to normal. The dates for the camp are July 17 to July 21. The best place to find information is to look on the Ponoka Fish and Game website.

Did you know that there are more wolves in Minnesota than there are in the entire Rockies? They are very hard on the deer and elk populations. They prey on the young and newborns. The young and newborns cannot protect themselves.

We have wolves here too that do the same but not to that great number.

I didn’t get to hunt much last year but I noticed that the grouse might be on the up in numbers as they seem to run in cycles. I love to hunt them and they are delicious to eat.

I didn’t see many big game animals that were in the bigger size but did see several young ones which bodes well for the next few years.

Hope to see you at our club events this coming season. It’s always good to see everyone out and about.

Don’t forget to renew your membership for 2023.

Fishing has not been very good this winter. Some of our lakes are not good as there has been a lot of fishing since the lakes are easy to reach with our four wheel drive vehicles. More easy access then it used to be. The lakes have been over fished.

One of the things on my bucket list is to go over to the Red River in Manitoba and catch a big catfish. We had lots of them where I grew up.

It’s hard to believe how strong a 20 or 30 pounder is until you get one on your line. They are great on your plate also. There is nothing more relaxing then waiting for a fish to bite your offering no matter what kind it is.

It must be getting closer to spring as I saw some geese looking for some open water a few days ago. They like to start setting early so their young will be big enough, in the fall, to go south for the winter.

The ducks will be back in April. They come back about the same time every year. A lot of the birds, that we are used to seeing, come at around the same time also. It’s always good to see them.

The weather is getting better and trap shooting is starting. We’d like for you to come out and stay in practice this summer. You can stay in practice so you will be ready for hunting this season. Lots of fun.

- Submitted by Robert Greene, publicity chair