PSC will require parents to be present in registration renewals

Ponoka Secondary Campus (PSC) students will have to be accompanied by their parents when they go to the school

Ponoka Secondary Campus (PSC) students will have to be accompanied by their parents when they go to the school to renew their registrations at the beginning of the next school year as the school administration thinks this could help all three sides to benefit more from the education process.

“It is a requirement because we want to meet each of the parents,” said Assistant Principal Ron Rarick. “We want the meet the parents and keep the families informed about what’s going on.”

PSC administration believes there are several good results that could come out from parental involvement in the process, foremost among them being the students not having to decide on their own what courses to take and what programs to join during the school year.  If the parents get involved at the very beginning of the school year, the thinking goes, the students will have more parental support in the course of their studies.

It is also meant to create awareness on the part of parents with regard to the availability of options for their children when they select which courses to take in addition to informing the parents about the structures that are created to support the students like the teacher-advisor class.

Rarick said in the past they tried to ensure parent involvement by sending packages to homes for students to look through with their parents and make their selection of courses based on that process, but that effort does not seem to have produced the desired results.

Having the parental involvement during the registration process will help the school administration in another way as well: The teaching staff and the administration will not have to deal with numerous requests from students wishing to change their courses just one month after the school starts as they will have made more informed choices with their parents’ support.

Rarick is realistic and he knows that despite it is being introduced as a requirement, they might not be able to meet as many parents as they wish. “We recognize we are not going to get everybody, but I am sure we will meet a lot (of parents),” he said.

For those parents who have more than one of their kids at school, the PSC administration promises that they will not have to visit the school for each children to get registered, there will be enough preparation and coordination that once parents visit the school, they will be able to discuss the programs for all of their children with teacher advisors.