RCMP gives run down on recent activities

RCMP are looking for thieves after a pair of break and enters Dec.2

  • Dec. 8, 2009 5:00 p.m.

By Jasmine Franklin.

Break and enters

Around 10 a.m. Dec.2, RCMP responded to one call west of Ponoka and another at 4 p.m. just south of the Secondary Highway 611 on Secondary Highway 795, said Sgt. Glenn Demaere.

“(The scenes) have the same tire tracks and same footprints,” said Const. Brian Harper. “There seems to be a connection between the two.”

One victim of the theft, who wished to be remain anonymous, told the Ponoka News a laptop, DVD player and Christmas presents were among items stolen from the home south of Secondary Highway 611 on Secondary Highway 795. The homeowner’s fifth wheel truck was also broken into.

“Pay attention and lock your doors,” she said. “Watch out for each other, be aware and if a vehicle looks like it doesn’t belong, it probably doesn’t.”

While the homeowner was at work and her 14-year-old son at school, neighbours noticed an unfamiliar vehicle in her yard and called to inform the her. In the meantime, the thief got stuck in her yard and had assistance pushing the car out of her property.

The thief got away before her son or police had arrived.

Neighbours were unable to provide any descriptions of the suspect or vehicle that could only be described as a white pickup truck.

The thefts were about one kilometre apart.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Ponoka RCMP detachment at (403) 783 – 4472.

Hit and runs

After a series of three hit and run collisions throughout the town, RCMP are seeking anyone with information.

The collisions date back to Nov. 28, Nov. 30 and the most recent, Dec.6.

According to an RCMP press release, on Dec. 6 a grey Dodge Neon parked at the Ponoka Liquor Shoppe received damages to the rear bumper after being struck. On Nov. 30 a Chevrolet Cavalier was also struck at the north parking lot of Ponoka Composite High School and received damages to the driver’s side.

On Nov. 28 a Ford Ranger was parked in the Tim Horton’s parking lot when it was believed to be struck by an older model, white GMC/Chevrolet pickup and received damages to the rear fender and signal light. The truck was believed to have a Buyers Auto sticker on the rear and may have suffered a broken signal light as a result.

Anyone with information on the accidents are asked to call the Ponoka RCMP at (403) 783 – 4472 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS.

Road chaos due to snow

Motorists are being reminded to slow down and drive for the winter conditions now that the first major snowstorm of the season has hit.

“Be sure to have emergency kits prepared in case you get stranded, have your winter tires on and simply slow down,” said Sgt. Demaere. “If you are the designated driver be sure not to drink and drive.”

After the Dec. 4 snowstorm, the highways were littered with accidents. The exact number could not be determined but there was “a pile,” according to Demaere. Highway 2 was temporary closed Friday night and into the early morning of Dec. 5, AMA road reports suggested using extreme caution while driving.

After the Nov. 30 storm, all of Ponoka’s traffic RCMP were called in to help assist with collisions both in and outside of town.

For updated road conditions visit AMA’s road report website at www.ama.ab.ca/road_report/road_reports_main.htm

Fatal Collisions

Two women, members of the Samson First Nation, are dead after failing to stop at a stop sign, causing a two-vehicle collision.

According to an RCMP press release, at 12:15 p.m. on Dec. 7, Hobbema RCMP responded to a collision at the intersection of Secondary Highway 611 at Four Mile Road after the car carrying the two women went through a stop sign and was struck broadside by an eastbound pickup truck.

Both vehicles ended up in the ditch, the driver of the pickup truck was transported to a hospital in Edmonton with injuries.

Colleen Crane, 44, and Geraldine Crane, 44, were pronounced dead on scene.

Alcohol is not considered to be a factor.