RCMP seatbelt blitz promotes safety

  • Mar. 17, 2009 11:00 a.m.

In only two days RCMP members in Alberta laid 973 charges in respect to seatbelts and other high risk driving behaviour.

During March 10 and 11 Alberta RCMP took to the roads to enforce laws related to the proper use of seatbelts and child safety seats.

Inspector James Stiles, officer in charge,’K’ Division Traffic Services stated in a press release the importance of buckling up.

“Drivers are responsible for their safety and the safety of their passengers by making sure everyone is buckled up properly,” said Stiles. “Of those who are ejected from a vehicle during a collision, 75 per cent die. The cause of death is directly related to their choice to not wear a seatbelt.”

RCMP stress that wearing your seatbelt is the best insurance against being critically injured or killed in a crash.

While RCMP recognize that most people in Alberta choose to wear their seatbelts, the results of the seatbelt blitz between March 10 and 11 were discouraging.

During the blitz RCMP laid numerous charges in respect to seatbelts and other high risk driving behaviours.

Occupant restraints accounted for 710 of the charges. There were 120 speeding charges, 21 intersection charges, there were 9 alcohol related charges and 113 high risk driving charges during these two days.

Choosing to wear your seatbelt can save your life if you are involved in a collision, RCMP strongly encourage everyone to wear their seatbelt no matter how far the drive or how fast you are going.