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Rimbey racetrack looking for $125,000 from the county

As improvements expand at the Central Alberta Raceways (CAR) in Rimbey, so do its financial needs.

As improvements expand at the Central Alberta Raceways (CAR) in Rimbey, so do its financial needs.

A desire from racing associations looking to use CAR as a central spot brings about some need for improvements costing an estimated $125,000, says Rod Schaff, executive director of procurements for CAR. He told Ponoka County council during their regular meeting Tuesday, Feb. 23 that there are two groups eager to use their race track.

Racing motorcycles and high horsepower cars want to move their races to CAR in Rimbey.

“This is top stuff. It’s the Harley alcohol drag bikes,” said Schaff of the former.

Certain improvements are needed to accommodate those groups. For the motorcycles, a timing board or billboard is needed. Schaff’s hope is to use the board to generate advertising as well. For the high horsepower engines, the drag strip needs to be lengthened by approximately 300 feet.

Schaff added that it is already graded for racing but is gravel. Getting sponsorship was the goal for the timing board but a struggling economy is making it difficult to secure the funds.

The roadway project is estimated at $150,000 and CAR has $25,000.

CAO Charlie Cutforth asked if there is a way to determine the number of people who come through the area during races. Schaff estimated 2,000 people over the course of a weekend, but he did not have a concrete figure.

No decision was made as Reeve Paul McLauchlin said the county would be looking at several requests for funds during budget deliberations.

Water quality survey

A water quality survey is expected to be conducted at Chain Lakes.

Cutforth explained that the cost is estimated at under $50,000 for a water survey of the area and of the ground water levels. A company called Hydro Geological Consultants will conduct the survey, which will be mainly desktop studies than fieldwork, said Cutforth.

He added that it helps with development plans before construction begins in an area and helps confirm ground water levels.

Cutforth added the full cost will come to council during budget deliberations.

West Lake boat launch

Council approved a tender that will see development on West Lake Road and the West Lake boat launch.

Cutforth said the low bid was from Central City Asphalt at $345,300 with an additional five per cent contingency and another $24,000 for engineering.

The cost is below the budgeted $400,000, said Cutforth.