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Samson Cree Nation council elected

Frank Buffalo received the most votes at 463

The results of the 2020 Samson Cree Nation council elections, which were held on July 28, are as follows:

1. Frank Buffalo, 463 votes.

2. Kurt Buffalo, 467 votes.

3. Shannon Buffalo, 376 votes.

4. Louise Omeasoo, 365 votes.

5. Shay Yellowbird, 356 votes.

6. Ryan Lightning, 358 votes.

7. Laurie Buffalo, 346 votes.

8. Holly Johnson, 350 votes.

9. Elesha Saddleback, 341 votes.

10. Mario Swampy, 313 votes.

11. Marvin Yellowbird, 310 votes.

12. Katherine Swampy, 302 votes.

COVID-19 measures were in place. Voters were asked to wear masks. Gloves and hand sanitizer were provided upon entering voting sites.

Polling stations were located in SCN, Edmonton, Pigeon Lake and Calgary. Virtual voting was also available.

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