Tender awarded to Northside Construction for 52 Ave. project

Tender awarded to Northside Construction for 52 Ave. project

Tender award for 52 Ave.

Council rewarded Northside Construction Partnership with the contract to replace the infrastructure on 52 Ave. between 50 St. and 51 St. for $517,580.

The town received 11 bids on the project, accepting the lowest bid that came in “substantially lower than the budget estimate.”

The project will replace the aged underground infrastructure, including new water, sewer and storm lines as well as new service connections to each property.

The roadway excavation and underground improvements will be completed first, in 2019. The road base will be stabilized and treated to harden it and eliminate dust until it can be paved.

The sidewalks, curb and gutter will also be replaced and a new paved roadway will be installed in early 2020 once the road base has had adequate time to settle as per best engineering practices for roadway construction.

The 200 mm diameter cast iron water main was installed in 1964 and has experienced numerous breaks over the last decade causing service interruptions.

Coun. Kevin Ferguson says that although Ponoka FCSS is happy the road is getting fixed, they have concerns about access to their building for the people they serve. Administration answered that they are committed to implementing a communications plan with the users of the street and the general public before construction begins.

Kinsmen Centre sale

Ponoka town council voted to sell the Kinsmen Centre building and associated land to Hammy’s Spirits Inc. and the remainder of the parking lot to Cash Foods Ltd. for a total of $510,000.

The sale price of the building and land is $291,495 and the parking lot is $218, 505.

The previous sale agreement from March was terminated to allow the purchaser to buy the lots separately to avoid needing to subdivide the parking lot.

Record retention bylaw

The town passed third reading of its record retention bylaw during its regular meeting May 14.