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The Town of Ponoka’s former fire chief throws in his name for upcoming elections

After 27 years working for the Town of Ponoka Ted Dillon says he wants to give back to the community

Former Ponoka Fire Chief Ted Dillon has announced his intention to run for council.

A former employee of the Town of Ponoka for 26 years — and raised in Ponoka — Dillon said running for council is always something he intended to do.

“I’ve always said when I retire I would run for council and give back to the community what it’s done for me,” said Dillon.

In his many years as a town employee, Dillon said he’s covered just about every director position in an acting role along with his position as director of protective services. He knows the inner workings of the town.

“I do have an idea of what is going on,” said Dillon.

Since he retired as fire chief, Dillon has covered most of the current meetings of town council.

When asked about any concerns about conflict of interest in relation to being a former employee, Dillon replied that he’s running to serve the Town of Ponoka residents and not for himself.

As for there being two fire halls in the town boundaries Dillon suggests the best way to address that is through budget deliberations.

Whatever the decisions made regarding the fire department negotiations, Dillon says he does not know the reasoning and if voted in hopes to find out.

“I’m fairly open minded. You know I don’t see the need for two. As an added expense that is not needed,” said Dillon.

“You’ve got to make a decision on what’s best for the community.”

The biggest challenge he sees in the short term is staffing in town. Add to that, the town’s budget and infrastructure needs are going to be something to pay attention to.

He suggests he has a strong understanding of both the needs of administration and council.

“I think I can supply some common sense thinking, and I have been in business in my life prior to being a fire chief,” he explained.

“I have an understanding of Municipal Affairs as well.”

He suggests there are several key needs for the town and he hopes to provide his input if elected.

Dillon says the initial reaction from residents has been positive.