Austin Lutz. (Photo submitted)

Austin Lutz. (Photo submitted)

Town council candidate Austin Lutz

My name is Austin Lutz, I’m 23 years old and I’ve lived in Ponoka my entire life. For a brief period I moved to work in Edmonton, before returning to my hometown.

My main occupation is being a dad, but when I’m not doing that you can find me doing cinematography and videography with my business Prairie Creative Co.

The main thing I believe I bring to the town council table is a first-hand perspective of what a young family needs from a community.

My motivation to join the council comes from a need to turn Ponoka back into the community I remember from when I was a child. As it stands currently, Ponoka is not a great place for young families.

The three main issues facing the residents of Ponoka include a directionless growth plan, a lack of industry, and a high property crime rate. Town council needs to rethink its long-term investments and get Ponoka on a path that’s worth being on.

Building things like a new arena won’t mean anything if we aren’t bringing in the revenue to pay for it and if no one is moving here to use it. Ponoka needs to create jobs and opportunities to grow, with a sharp focus on inviting and investing in the development of renewable energy. Renewable energy is the future and will create jobs from the labour level all the way up to the most experienced tradesman level.

Ponoka has strong potential to be at the forefront of an energy boom similar to the oil booms of yesteryear, which will give the town the revenue it needs to pay for all of the recreation projects it could ever ask for.

Only then, will Ponoka be a great community for a young family again.