Town council candidate Ted Dillon

Ted Dillon. (File photo)

Ted Dillon. (File photo)

My name is Ted Dillon. I was born and raised in Ponoka and I am presently retired. I was the Town of Ponoka Fire Chief for 26 years.

I believe that my past as a municipal employee as well as a town councilor has given me some valuable experience into the working of the town and that will assist me with making the important decisions for the community.

The reason that I am running for the position of town councillor is that when I was employed by the town for so many years I had said that I would like to give back to the town some of what the town gave to me ,which was experience in municipal government. I felt that I could contribute by being a councilor. I still have the drive and motivation to assist the town to grow and develop.

I believe that some of the issues facing the town are:

– The aging infrastructure. Some of our underground deep services are getting to the age of having to be replaced and that is going to be a challenge to finance with the recent cut backs of grants from the federal and provincial governments, especially when municipalities in Canada own 60 per cent of the infrastructure but only receive 8 per cent of the federal tax dollars.

– Community health and safety, especially with the recent break-ins that have been happening and the COVID outbreak. We will need to assist our police in doing this. We are asking our police to be accountable and do their job but our courts are not holding the criminals responsible for what they have done. So we are hoping to have a serious conversation with the Minister of Justice.

– Development is always a concern and I feel that the town needs to continue to support new development and possibly reduce some red tape to assist developers.