Town declines proposed realtor in tie decision

In trying to choose a realty service between two proposals, the town has come to a dead end after a vote split the council.

In trying to choose a realty service between two proposals, the town has come to a dead end after a vote split the council.

Town council was recommended to accept Kelly Jones of Coldwell Banker Ontrack Realty. However, the motion was defeated at the Monday, Sept. 22 regular meeting.

Representatives of both realtors, the second one being a local company, earlier attended council’s Sept. 9 in-camera session to make presentations to the councillors. Jones’s was identified as the proposal of choice based on presentation, description and scope of services provided, marketing strategy and commission rate.

The second proposal came from First Choice Ponoka Realty and as a result Coun. Sandra Lyon, being the owner of the business, excused herself from the room during council’s discussion.

It was stated during the meeting that Jones was looking to lease a space in Ponoka for a minimum of two years, which would cover a contract made with the town. “We’d look at anything from 12 months to two years,” said Betty Quinlan, acting CAO at the time of the Sept. 22 meeting.

“We want to give them decent time to build a market . . . personally I’d look at 18 months,” she added.

Despite being named as the proposal of choice, not every councillor agreed Jones was the best option.

“Mr. Jones, in my mind, does not have a lot of commercial experience,” said Coun. Terri Underhill.

In his proposal, Jones mentioned a three per cent commission rate, and having a flat rather than floating fee was an attractive offer for Coun. Tim Falkiner.

Mayor Rick Bonnett was looking at the fact that the second representative has already sold land for the town.

In a vote to accept Jones, Falkiner, Coun. Carla Prediger and Coun. Mark Yaworski came out in favour of the motion. Bonnet, Underhill and Coun. Loanna Gulka — who was in attendance via speakerphone — voted against the motion.

No other decisions regarding realty services were made at that meeting and councillors are checking the process with municipal affairs to decide their next step.

Correction: The story in our Oct. 1 edition on page 7, headlined “Town declines proposed realtor…”erroneously states that the local proposal was submitted by First Choice Realty, owned by Town Councillor Sandra Lyon. It was actually submitted by Tyler Fessler, who is a realtor licensed through the First Choice Realty. We regret the error.