Town looks for feedback during registration night

Town planners continue to seek community feedback on future recreation plans; this time using registration night to get the word out.

Town planners continue to seek community feedback on future recreation plans; this time using registration night to get the word out.

Mass registration at the Kinsmen Community Centre Wednesday, Aug. 31 was a busy affair with sports, activity and community groups all looking to draw registrants, or in the case of the Town of Ponoka, to see what people think about the concept plans set to upgrade the Ponoka Culture and Recreation Complex.

Along with taking registrations for swim lessons and informing residents that the pool maintenance closure is moved to December, Wes Amendt, director of community services, also sought community feedback.

The town’s priority goal is to keep people informed and to garner ideas on the concept plan, which proposes one large ice arena and stadium-type seating while utilizing the outdoor rink as a second ice surface. “We’re just in the process of hiring the consultants that will take us into the next phase of design.”

Those designs should be presented to residents, local associations and stakeholders in early 2017. The details, purpose and operations costs will become more clear as the plan begins to unfold. Amendt also had a mini-survey on hand for those wishing to take part seeking questions about the existing recreation facilities in town.

“Are there things you would change? Any suggestions? Because those are the type of things that the consultant is going to ask,” explained Amendt.

“The more input we can get from the public, the better.”

There were many other community groups at registration night. The Ponoka Air Cadets are one group excited to see how this next year will unfold.

Commanding officer Capt. Tracy Fiedler is excited for this year’s group considering last year was quite busy. She feels the cadets are an ideal alternative to other groups out there. Along with flying and survival skills are also sports and community activities.

Anyone wishing to give their child some skills in hockey have two options with Ponoka Minor Hockey and the Ponoka Recreational Hockey Association (PRHA). For the latter president Greg Hutniak says the PRHA is an ideal group for parents and young skaters if time and travel are an issue.

“Recreation hockey is still all about skills development and bringing the kids along but with less pressure on the kids and the families when it comes to games and travel,” said Hutniak.

Practice is once per week with one away game and one home game per month. “We’re looking forward to a great year. We’ve grown year over year in terms of our numbers and we’re looking like we’re going to be growing again this year.”