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(File photo)

Town of Ponoka advises caution around Battle River due to ice, snow melt

With the arrival of warmer temperatures, The Town of Ponoka is reminding residents to be cautious around the Battle River as the snow and ice are melting away.

The town asks people to keep children and pets off of the river at all times, and keep dogs on a leash.

“Regardless of how thick a patch of river ice may look, due to constantly flowing water beneath the ice surface, there are weak spots that can quickly give way, sending you, your loved one or pet through the ice without warning,” stated a press release dated March 16.

The town advises the same is also true for the fishing pond at Lions Centennial Park, which is a storm water pond with water flowing through an inlet and outlet pipe throughout the year.

“If your pet does fall through the ice, please keep in mind that calling for help is the best option rather than venturing onto the ice yourself. Please stay safe and enjoy the warm weather.”

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