Ponoka town hall file photo

Town of Ponoka and Ponoka County approve Intermunicipal Development Plan

Coordinates land use and development decisions between neighbouring municipalities

Ponoka town council and Ponoka County council have approved a new Intermunicipal Development Plan (IDP) that replaces and builds on the 1998 Intermunicipal Agreement between the two municipalities.

The IDP is a statutory plan that provides a mutually agreed upon framework between the two adjoining municipalities. The IDP helps ensure that future development, growth and land use decisions for lands located close to town boundaries within the IDP area are coordinated between the town and county.

“The approval of this IDP between the town and the county is another example of the long history of collaboration between our two municipalities,” said Town of Ponoka Mayor Rick Bonnett.

“Working together to effectively plan for long-term growth in a way that ensures the interests of both the town and county are taken into account is beneficial for all of our citizens.”

IDP solidifies spirit of collaboration

“The new IDP is a formal acknowledgement of the close working relationship and the ongoing spirit of collaboration that exists between the town and county,” said Ponoka County Reeve Paul McLauchlin.

“The IDP fosters continued collaboration between our municipalities by providing a framework for the town and county to continue working together to address matters of mutual interest for the benefit of our communities.”

IDP includes process for future projects

The IDP agreement between the town and country incorporates ongoing communication and decision making between the two municipalities on planning matters. This includes a process for referring and circulating policies between the two municipalities about land use and infrastructure planning within the IDP area.

Under the agreement, an IDP Committee with two representatives from both municipal councils has been created. The committee will meet every five years to review the terms and conditions of the IDP. The committee will also meet on an as-required basis to determine the advisability of any amendments to the IDP.

The development of the IDP included a public consultation process that included virtual open houses on the town and county websites and public hearings.

– Submitted by the Town of Ponoka