(Black Press file photo)

(Black Press file photo)

Town of Ponoka fire ban continues

Restrictions include no use of fire pits, no open fires and no fireworks

With unseasonably warm temperatures forecasted over the coming week, a fire ban remains in effect in the Town of Ponoka.

The following restrictions under the fire ban continue:

– No open fires are permitted within the Town of Ponoka corporate limits;

– No use of fire pits;

– No fireworks;

– No use of wood or charcoal burning outdoor appliances; and

– No cigarette butts or ashes may be discarded anywhere except into appropriate receptacles or enclosed ashtrays designed specifically for that purpose.

The use of propane and natural gas barbecues is still permitted at this time, although citizens are advised to use extreme caution when operating their barbecues.

Lawn mowing and lawn maintenance operations are permitted, although citizens are asked to continue to use caution when operating any equipment that could cause a spark, including cutting tools (grinders, welders, etc.).

The fire ban will remain in effect until further notice.

For updates on fire bans across Alberta, including the Town of Ponoka, please visit www.albertafirebans.ca.

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