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Town of Ponoka holding public hearing for new proposed land use bylaw

Virtual public hearing being held next month

The Town of Ponoka has recently completed a review and update of its land use bylaw. Council approved first reading of a new proposed land use bylaw at its regular meeting on March 23.

Council also scheduled a public hearing on the proposed bylaw to be held on Tuesday, May 11 at 7 p.m.

The public hearing will be held electronically. Anyone wishing to address council at the public hearing must register first by phoning the town office at 403-783-4431 before 12 p.m. on May 11.

A copy of the notice for the public hearing is posted on the town website at www.ponoka.ca under ‘Recent News.’

A copy of the proposed bylaw, along with a summary of proposed changes to the bylaw and land use district maps, are also posted on the town’s website. Just click ‘Business’ on the top menu bar, then click ‘Planning & Development’ on the left side of the page, and click ‘Land Use Bylaw.’

Land use bylaw – what is it?

The land use bylaw regulates and controls the use and development of land and buildings in the Town of Ponoka. It establishes land use districts across the town and identifies the allowable uses for the lands and their development standards.

The bylaw gives landowners a level of certainty regarding their rights to develop their lands. It also ensures adjacent landowners can know what could be developed on neighbouring lands located next to their properties.

How to participate

Citizens can participate by reviewing the proposed land use bylaw and sending in comments before May 6, 2021 to: Natasha Wright, Planner, Parkland Community Planning Services. Phone 403-343-3394 or email natasha.wright@pcps.ab.ca.

Or mail comments to Unit B 4730 Ross Street, Red Deer AB, T4N 1X2.

Comments received will be presented to council during the public hearing on May 11.

You can also participate by addressing council at the public hearing.

– Submitted by the Town of Ponoka

Town of Ponoka