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Town of Ponoka makes changes to monthly tax payment plan

Ponoka town council has approved changes to the town’s monthly tax payment plan that make it easier for citizens to sign up at any point throughout the year. The monthly tax payment plan is also known as the Tax Installment Payment Plan (TIPP).

With the new changes, citizens who sign up for the monthly payment plan after January 1 will no longer have to pay a lump sum for any missed monthly installments for that calendar year when joining the program. Their annual property tax bill can now simply be equally distributed over the remaining months of the year when they sign up.

For example, a property owner whose taxes are $2,400 and who signs up for the program on March 10, would have the option of paying $266.67/month starting April 1. Under the old program, that person would have had to pay a $600 lump sum to cover missed monthly payments from January to March, and then start monthly payments of $200 on April 1.

“Both of those payment options are now available to residents who sign up for monthly tax payments,”said Sandra Lund, Chief Administrative Officer for the Town of Ponoka.

No extra fees or charges

“The goal of the monthly tax payment plan is to help citizens avoid going into arrears on their property taxes,” said Lund.

“Having the option to pay your property taxes in monthly payments instead of one lump sum each year makes it easier for many citizens not to fall behind on their payments. It also helps them avoid the added cost of late penalties,” she said.

“There are no administrative fees or extra costs to sign up for monthly tax payments.”

How to sign up

With the town office currently closed to public access due to provincial health restrictions, citizens can sign up for the monthly tax payment plan by phoning the tax clerk at 403-783-0127 to request an application form.

The application form is also available on the Town website at www.ponoka.ca. More details on how to fill out the form are also available on the town’s website.

– Submitted by the Town of Ponoka