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(Stock image/Metro Creative Connection)

Town of Ponoka property tax assessments, property tax notices mailed out

The Town of Ponoka 2023 combined assessment and property tax notices have been mailed or emailed to all property owners in Ponoka.

Citizens have until Monday, July 31, 2023 to pay property taxes without penalty. The Tax Rate Bylaw No. 479-23, which was passed by town council in April 2023, sets municipal property taxes based on the revenue required to fund town services approved in the 2023 budget.

After incorporating current property value assessments for residential and commercial properties in Ponoka, the municipal portion of property taxes for 2023 equates to an increase of about $32 per $100,000 of assessed property value for residential properties; and $42 per $100,000 of assessed value for commercial properties.

That equates to a four per cent increase in municipal property tax revenue for 2023, which the town states helps offset inflationary costs and ensures continued reliable delivery of municipal services is supported.

Municipal property taxes fund town services including indoor and outdoor recreation facilities, fire, police and bylaw enforcement services, the maintenance and improvement of roads, sidewalks and other essential town-owned infrastructure, and much more.

Municipalities are also required by legislation to collect and fully remit the following taxes on behalf of the provincial government through the annual property tax notice mailed to property owners:

• Education Property Tax which is paid to Alberta Education and St. Thomas Aquinas Roman Catholic Separate School Division;

• Designated Industrial Property Requisition paid by designated industrial property taxpayers only; and

• Rimoka Housing Foundation Requisition.

If you have not received a copy of your assessment and tax notice by Friday, June 9, please contact the tax clerk at 403-783-0127 or by email at taxes@ponoka.ca.

For more information on how to pay your property taxes, visit the town’s website.

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