Whether the Town of Ponoka gets enough ‘bang for its buck’ under its Alberta Urban Municipalities Association (AUMA) membership was discussed during town council March 26.
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Town of Ponoka’s Kick it to the Curb coming up

Turn your unwanted items into treasure

The Town of Ponoka is inviting residents to turn their unwanted items into somebody else’s treasure during Kick it to the Curb Week from Oct. 12 to 16.

Residents are invited to place items they wish to give away in their front yard with a “free” sign attached to them. People can then come by and pick up any items they would like to bring home.

At the end of the weekend, residents are asked to bring any uncollected items back into their home, or consider donating these items to a local charity or thrift shop rather than throwing them away.

“Shoppers” are asked to please respect others’ property and avoid driving or walking on gardens or neighbouring lawns.

Town of Ponoka