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Town responds to Kohlman’s request to sit in on a council meeting

In his efforts to find out more information on 38 Street issues, Ponoka County resident Nick Kohlman asked Ponoka Town Council

In his efforts to find out more information on 38 Street issues, Ponoka County resident Nick Kohlman asked Ponoka Town Council at its regular March 11 meeting to sit in on an informational meeting set for March 20.

Council denied the request, stating the meeting was for information purposes only. Attached are the two letters in their entirety, first from Kohlman and then the reply from the town.

Dear Councilors:

We understand that Council is going to have a meeting on or about March 20th to discuss the 38th Street local improvement issue and obtain more information.

We are aware that this is a difficult task for you and believe it would be helpful to all concerned if we could attend your meeting to listen to what information you are provided.

Throughout the last five years, I believe we have done our best to make our concerns known to the Town. However, we have encountered considerable difficulty in obtaining information in return from the Town.

An opportunity to listen to the information you are being provided will assist us in responding to the Town. Also, we still have more information that we would like to obtain from the Town. Hopefully at least some of this information will be provided at your meeting.

Because of the cost already incurred by the Town and the potential for considerable additional costs, this matter is clearly a public issue and should be dealt with in the open.

It has been established that 38th Street property owners have been overcharged. If these overcharges are continued on the 2014 tax notices, due in less than two months, it will be the second year that the Town is knowingly overcharging these citizens.

This entire issue has become very convoluted but if we can work together to establish the facts, finding a resolution to this matter may be easier to obtain.


Nick Kohlman

The town’s reply to Kohlman’s letter

Dear Mr. Kohlman:

Ponoka Town Council reviewed your request of March 11, 2014 to attend a meeting on March 20th regarding the 38th Street local improvement. The intention of the March 20th meeting is for Council to receive and review information, which documents the history of the 38th Street issues in order to gain a better understanding and enable Council's ability to address the matter.

Subsequently, Council will not be entertaining any external parties at the March 20th meeting and will inform you in writing if there is a need for additional information or when Council's decision has been reached.

Yours truly,

Carla Prediger, Deputy Mayor