Shovelling snow onto local roads could result in a bill from the city (File photo)

Town snow removal has begun

Residents reminded to shovel their sidewalks

Town of Ponoka snow and ice control operations are busy clearing snow on town roadways today (starting with priority routes). Crews are also sanding and salting intersections as needed, clearing sidewalks adjacent to Town-owned properties, and clearing snow on walking trails and site furniture (benches and picnic tables, etc.) in Town parks and throughout the trail system.

To report an icy intersection that may need attention, please contact the Town at 403-783-4431.

Town winter operations crews work to keep Ponoka’s roadways clear of snow in conjunction with the Alberta Ministry of Transportation, which is responsible for snow and ice control on Highways 2A and 53 in Ponoka.

Residents asked to clear snow and ice from sidewalks

With the arrival of winter, Ponoka residents are asked to please keep sidewalks that border their property clear of snow and ice. Keeping residential sidewalks shoveled helps protect others from slipping and falling.

Town of Ponoka snow and ice control operations are conducted according to the Town’s Snow Removal and Ice Control Policy to improve safety for motorists and pedestrians and facilitate the operation of emergency services. The Town’s snow and ice control operations are conducted within the Town’s annual snow removal budget which is based on average winter snowfall conditions over the past 10 years and is approved by Town Council.

To view the Town of Ponoka Snow Removal and Ice Control Policy, please visit the Town website at For Media Inquiries: Sandra Smith Communications Manager Town of Ponoka 403-783-0158

– Submitted by Town of Ponoka

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