Town’s 2020 roadway infrastructure improvement program underway

Town’s 2020 roadway infrastructure improvement program underway

Town of Ponoka announces locations for pothole and frost boil repairs

The Town of Ponoka’s annual Roadway Infrastructure Improvement Program for 2020 is now underway. The work will be completed between now and the end of October 2020.

The program is an essential component of the Town’s Asset Management Plan and a key part of the Town’s commitment to the ongoing maintenance and improvement of municipal roadway infrastructure.

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The annual program identifies and prioritizes aging and damaged roadways, sidewalks, curbs and gutters in Ponoka that require improvement and replacement based on the condition and priority of each piece of infrastructure within the town’s roadway system. The main objective of the program is to provide users of the town roadway system with improved service levels.

Crack sealing

The 2020 Roadway Infrastructure Improvement Program will include crack sealing on town roadways throughout the community. Crack sealing extends the life cycle of roadways by helping prevent moisture from seeping through cracks in the asphalt and prematurely causing the roadway surface to deteriorate and break apart.

Additional Pavement Improvement Program locations for 2020:

Roadway maintenance and improvements planned at the following locations will include pavement replacement, asphalt patching or chip sealing, depending on the improvement identified at each location.

  • 54 Ave. (adjacent to Poplar Grove Village) – chip sealing
  • 53 Ave. (from Hwy 2A to 53 St.) – mill and overlay
  • 39A Ave. (4000 block) – frost boil
  • 62 St. & 52 Ave – frost boil
  • 46 St. & 44 Ave. – frost boil
  • 54 Ave. (6100 block) – frost boil
  • 61 Ave. (5400 block) – frost boil
  • 58 Ave. (5900 block) – frost boil

Frost boil repairs

Most of the above locations require pavement replacement due to frost boils that resulted from this year’s spring thaw.

”Frost boils and potholes are an annual problem in Alberta due to our climate but this year has been especially bad across much of the province,” said Ponoka Mayor Rick Bonnett, noting the town has considerably more frost boils to repair than usual this year.

To repair frost boils, town crews will cut out the damaged pavement, followed by removing and replacing the road base in preparation for hot asphalt paving by the Town’s contractor.

“Town Council appreciates the base preparation work being done by the town crews because it allows the town to expand the scope of our Pavement Improvement Program by an estimated $30,000 to $40,000 this year. That’s a benefit to our community,” said Mayor Bonnett.

Town crews are also continuing to repair potholes on town streets during the spring and summer months.

To report a pothole on town roadways that needs repair, please phone 403-783-0159 or fill out the Online Service Request Form on the Town website at by clicking the E-Service button on the right hand side of the home page.

Curb, gutter and sidewalk improvements will be conducted at the following locations in 2020:

Concrete maintenance and improvements planned at the following locations will include sidewalk, curb and

gutter replacements:

  • 50 Ave. (5100 block)
  • 51 Ave. (5100 block)
  • 51 Ave. (5000 block)
  • 48 Ave. (5500 block)
  • 39A Ave. (4000 block)
  • 57 Ave. (6100 block)

Ponoka town council has approved a budgeted amount of $534,900 for this year’s Roadway Infrastructure Improvement Program. The paving and concrete contracts were awarded to contractors following a competitive public procurement process.

Other 2020 Roadway Improvement Projects

Additional roadway improvements approved in the 2020 town budget for Ponoka this year include the paving

of 52 Ave. (between 50 and 51 St.) following the replacement of underground and surface infrastructure on

that street in 2019.

The continuation of a three-year project investing in roadway and storm drainage improvements in the

southwest industrial park (on 64 St. between 42 and 44 Ave.) is also underway in Ponoka.

Pavement improvements planned for 2020 may result in temporary road or lane closures and traffic controls as needed at each location. Motorists are asked to drive with caution and observe road signs and traffic safety personnel in construction zones. To report a roadway or sidewalk that may be in need of repair, please phone 403-783-0159 or fill out the Online Service Request Form on the Town website at by clicking the E-Service button on the right-hand side of the home page.

– Submitted by the Town of Ponoka

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