Trailer mischief may or may not be linked

  • Mar. 26, 2010 4:00 p.m.

By Jasmine Franklin

After recent thefts of a trailer and license plate, suspicion lingers around the question of whether or not the cases are linked.

Sometime between Feb. 17 and March 16, a black Felling dump trailer was reported stolen to RCMP from Don Laing Trailers Sgt. Glenn Demaere said.

On March 15, in town, a trailer license plate was stolen and has yet to be located. It is not known at this time whether the two thefts have a connection.

RCMP ask any individual who see license plate P22 781, to contact them immediately at (403) 783-4722.

Cab joyride lands three charges

An Eagle Taxi was taken for a spin March 20 from the Wetaskiwin detachment and later located about eight kilometers away.

Between 5 p.m. and 10 p.m., the vehicle was allegedly stolen by three suspects who were later caught by RCMP around Highway 2 and Bobtail Rd.

Demaere said three individuals from Wetaskiwin, Ma-Me-O Beach and Hobbema were charged with possession of stolen property.

Names could not be released.

False alarms

RCMP are concerned with the number of false alarm phone calls to the detachment Demaere said.

“It takes away our time and resources that could be used toward a real emergency,” he said. “It really is a waste of our members and it ties up the 911 system.”

On an average week, Demaere said there can be between eight to 10 false alarm calls. Some are due to pre-programmed speed dials in cell phones and some are pranks.

“We discourage pre-programmed 911 numbers on speed dials,” Demaere said. “Sometimes when kids get a hold of phones and hold the button too long it will call or when phones are put in pockets that also can ignite a call.”