WCPS student voice priority given official direction

WCPS board of trustees giving students' voice priority

Following a previous decision made to make student voice opportunities a priority, the Wolf Creek Public Schools board of trustees officially put the initiative in the care of the trustees at its Tuesday, June 16 meeting.

“We determined, as a board, if it is our initiative, we should do it and not have central office staff do it,” said board chair Trudy Bratland.

Placing a greater importance on student voice in the education system is gaining momentum across many divisions.

“At our last two spring general meetings . . . their themes were student voice,” said Bratland. Student representatives attended to relay information from student panels.

Other divisions have students hold a position on the board or keep in continued communication with the students.

“We decided we’re going to investigate that for next year,” said Bratland.

“I’m going to talk to school boards so we have that information available to us for our fall meeting,” she added.

The board had voted to prioritize a focus on student voice at its Wednesday, June 3 meeting.